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Welcome Home

So you’ve heard about Community Heights, and you are a little curious. Going to a new place can be intimidating and scary. How will I know where to park? What if my kid has to go to the bathroom? What do I wear? We’ve asked those questions too. Please know we will make every effort to make sure your first experience is worry free. We look forward to hanging out with you and becoming friends.

Service Time11:05 am

Tips for Visitors

1. Wear Comfortable Clothes

Leave that tie on the rack and consider wearing jeans. What you wear is not nearly important as who you are.


2. Worship

We have worked hard to provide you with an experience where you can connect with God. The band plays a relevant style of music that you will enjoy. Their passion for God is contagious. Words will be on the screen for you to follow. You may see some people expressing their love for God by closing their eyes, sitting, clapping, and even raising their hands.


3. Teaching

Pastor Daniel "Tiny" Dominguez has a style that is relational and to the point. He is passionate about how the Bible leads us into truth and helps us with every day living. We will use video, music, drama, or other creative methods to make learning interesting for you.


7. Closing

We will always be done in about 60 minutes.


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